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Home staging 3D in Portugal

Planning when purchasing a property

Whether you are a private or professional client, whether you want to buy a fixer-upper, a new property, or under a VEFA arrangement (property offered for sale off-plan), it is often difficult to imagine the living space as we would like it to be. Today, thanks to our new 3D technologies, we can give you a realistic view and idea of your future property.

We provide you with photo-realistic renderings or 360° realistic photos, or even virtual tours. Our work is based on a 2D plan, but if you don’t have one, there’s no need to panic! We can do it for you!

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A realistic view of interior decoration

Whether you want to upgrade the interior decor of your home, change the layout while keeping your furniture, or part of it, change the floor or the painting works, or remove or put up partitions, and whether or not you have the ideas, we are available to suggest a new living space suited to your taste.

We bring your project to life in a virtual way but with a high-quality, realistic rendering.
We work from a 2D plane, photos and quotations, that’s why we don’t have to go to your home and we can work remotely. Lets try these new technologies and be impressed by our realistic renderings, our 360 ° virtual photos or our virtual tours. Achieving your project has never been easier and more accessible.

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Why choose us?

You may feel helpless and in need of advice, ideas or recommendations. Virtual planning when buying a property off-plan is the safest way of getting it absolutely right.

You have no ideas or you’re not sure about the layout of the rooms, plus you will have to choose furniture and materials while paying attention to the aesthetics and décor of the space, etc. We’ve made it convenient for you to be sure about your choices.

Show us your project. We will guide you, reassure you, and help you find the right solutions to give you a clear idea:

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A realistic view of BEFORE / AFTER

Our expertise will bring a new fresh look to your home, both in terms of volume and interior finishings. We will help you arrange the interior of your home and optimise the floor plan without having to do major works. We have the experience to help and guide you in making the choices that best suit you.

We know how to combine colours and materials so that the final result is balanced and creative.

The first phone or visual contact will allow us to have an overall idea of your living space, to highlight the potential of the interior of your home, and to listen to your ideas of what you like and desire. Then, let us help you achieve the interior design you have always dreamed about.

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