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Virtual or immersive tour

Immerse yourself in reality

The virtual tour allows you to simulate a site visit.

Thanks to a state-of-the-art technology, we scan the spaces in 3 dimensions.

Whether it is an apartment, a house, a villa, a museum, a cultural or sports centre, a hotel or a restaurant, a bar or a disco (etc.), we offer you the opportunity to showcase your property so that your clients can visit it remotely.

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The Matterport technology

The technology consists of a camera and a computer that can be used to create 3D plans of interior spaces for the purpose of marketing a property, for showcasing a space, and for providing precise measurements.

Unlike a panoramic photo, it consists of a full 3D scan of volumes, the images of which are then processed to create a 3D model of all floor plans.
This technology enables:

  • A high-quality virtual tour that realistically reproduces the sections in 3D, accessible from a mobile phone, a tablet, a computer, or a Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset.
  • A customised transformation of floor areas, or the addition of new 3D life-size objects for the purpose of testing a décor, for example
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A Virtual Tour of our services

Immersive tour: being fully immersed

The immersive tour is the best way to simulate a visit. Thanks to the 3D glasses, you can move around inside the scanned property with an excellent quality viewing.

You can tour the spaces as if you were right there. The immersive tour is a Matterport technology that has become accessible and more and more popular, and is a very promising tool particularly in the field of real estate, either for sale or leasing purposes. This new communication tool saves time for both buyers and sellers.

Today, it is possible to enjoy an immersive tour of any site.

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Example of a fully immersive tour

Now you can visit an apartment without actually being there! Put your 3D glasses on and immerse yourself in the virtual experience!

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